Citrus Heights Police Department's Bait Theft Reduction Program

Citrus Heights Police Department

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Citrus Heights Police Experience Great Success With Bait Theft Reduction Program
The Citrus Heights Police Department’s bait theft reduction program has proven to be a highly effective crime-fighting tool aimed at catching thieves in the act. Recognizing an increase in theft-related crimes, the Citrus Heights Police Department has focused our efforts on utilzing technology to innovatively catch the offenders responsible for these crimes. The Bait Program was established in 2016 and resulted in 35 felony bait arrests in its innagural year. So far during 2017, the Citrus Heights Police Department’s Bait Program has resulted in over 100 felony bait arrests.
In order to efficiently and effectively deploy their resources, the Citrus Heights Police Department utilizes a statistical, data-driven crime reduction model to police our community. This data is carefully analyzed, and those items that are most commonly stolen by thieves are transformed into bait items. These bait items are strategically placed throughout the city to proactively target criminals who steal from citizens and businesses in our community. The bait items may be bicycles, vehicles, trailers, and construction equipment to name just a few of the possibilities.
Of the more than 100 felony bait arrests in 2017 made by the Citrus Heights Police Department, nearly 80% of the suspects were either on probation, parole, or Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS). Over 70% had a prior felony conviction, and over 60% had an arrest for a crime of violence or possession of a weapon. 76% had committed a prior theft-related crime and over 60% had previously been arrested for drug-related criminal activity. The average age of those arrested by the Citrus Heights Police Department for stealing a bait item is 35 years old, and since the inception of the bait program, only six juveniles have been arrested.
As a part of the effort to reduce theft throughout the city, the Citrus Heights Police Department asks that our citizens remain vigilant in locking vehicles and keeping valuables secured and out of sight. A key component to the success of this program is to encourage the community to report thefts that have occurred allowing us to target our resources to the areas affected by criminals the most. As an organization, we are committed to the safety and security of our citizens, and we will continue to implement innovative crime prevention and deterrence strategies throughout the city.