Public Safety - Press Release

On 06-05-2017 a mother and young son purchased a toy from a vending machine at the "Taqueria Los Altos" restaurant in Bell Gardens (6939 Eastern Avenue). 

While her son was playing with the putty ball toy, it ruptured and a white powdery substance came out. The mother called the Bell Gardens Police Department. 

During the investigation, the white powder tested positive for cocaine. A total of 136 grams of cocaine (4.8 ounces) was recovered and removed for the public's safety.

The phone number on the vending machine, 562-261-6983, returns to a "SNACK TIME VENDING".  If any local businesses are using this company's toy/candy vending machines, please contact us immediately and remove them from public access.
Detective Miguel Torres: 562-896-1240