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Sherwood, Oregon 97140

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Press Release
Press Release Date :
06/26/2015 12:30 PM
Location :
St. Francis Catholic Church 15651 SW Oregon St. Sherwood, OR 97140
Crime/Offense :
Theft & Attempted Invasion of Privacy
Suspect(s) :
undetermined at this time

On May 20th, 2015, The Sherwood Police Department
took a theft report from the St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood.  The
theft involved a suspected hidden camera that had been turned over to the
church.  The device was disguised as a plug outlet and placed in a
restroom next to the toilet. The device was discovered by a member of the
church and at the time of discovery it was determined the device did not have a Scan Disk Card in it.

The device was reported stolen by the Father of the church
before he had a chance to turn it over to The Sherwood Police Department. It
was reported that the device was placed in a secure area with limited
access.  There is no video surveillance within the building.  There
have been several interviews and searches conducted regarding the placement and
disappearance of the device, however, we have been unable to positively
identify a suspect. 

We are seeking the assistance of the public who have
attended this church. The device does not need power to operate and can be
placed in any location by adhering it to a wall with tape.  This device
was found in the men’s bathroom located near the chapel.  If you recall
seeing a similar or suspicious device within the church over the last several months or have any information related to this case, please contact Detective Debbie Smith @ 503 925

Investigating Officer :
Detective Debbie Smith 503 925 7117
Press Release Prepared by :
Ty Hanlon, Captain
PIO 503 925 3651